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MuscleCare is the ONLY sub-topical pain relief solution. It reduces muscle spasms,
inflammation, and pain in just 30 seconds.

MuscleCare doesn’t mask pain; it gets to the root cause by mimicking the body’s
natural response to injury. It delivers magnesium and either 9, 14, or 22 important
natural ingredients (depending on the product) deep into the muscle.

Our proprietary MyoDrive technology sets us apart and ensures your athletes
get free from injury faster.

Get back to playing baseball!


MuscleCare is backed by 3 scientific studies to demonstrate efficacy and safety.

Brooke F.

Certified Therapist


MuscleCare promotes healthy joints and relaxes locally, which is a win/win situation. My hands are saved from fatigue, and my clients’ pain and inflammation are relieved with minimal effort, allowing me to focus on the issue.

Dr. Jackie White


“Keep it in your hockey and baseball bag!”

I am a chiropractor and use MuscleCare on a daily basis. My patients love it because it feels great on the application and has lasting effects. It’s perfect for stiff and sore muscles and aches between games.

Henry Z.

Massage Therapist

“The best relief I have found!”

As a massage therapist, I have worn out my shoulders, arms, and hands. MuscleCare is the best relief I have found. It calms muscles without damaging the skin.

Dr. Chris Oswald, Founder & CEO of MuscleCare, with the Team

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